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Kids Karate is an ideal way for children to learn discipline, respect and self-awareness in a safe, fun and structured environment.

We specialise in teaching children’s karate whilst instilling important values and life skills. All our Instructors are fully qualified, Enhanced DBS police checked, Fully Insured, First Aid trained and teach within the NSPCC Safeguarding and Protection Policy Guidelines. We are the largest children’s karate group in the South of England.
Children are taught non-contact Karate based on traditional values. They learn the philosophy of karate is that the first move starts with a defensive one and not an attack. When children respect this fundamental rule they can begin to benefit from all that the SAMA KARATE system has to offer:
Respect, Commitment, Focus, Self-Discipline, Co-ordination, Improved attention span, Self-confidence, Balance, Strength, Humility, Self Esteem, Achievement, Flexibility, Good manners and Friendship.
At Sama Karate children who are both good and not good at sports get the opportunity to shine. They can progress at a rate they are comfortable with and enjoy their achievement through the encouragement and support of the Sama Southwest Instructors.

SAMA Southwest prides itself on children’s safety being the number 1 priority in all of their classes.

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All our Instructors have £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, £10,000,000 Instructor Indemnity Insurance and FEKO members insurance.


Member of F.E.K.O. (Federation of English Karate Organisations).
Member of F.I.K.O (Federation of International Karate Organisations).
Member of F.M.A. (Federation of Martial Arts Association).

Registered 'Change for Life' Supporter.
Recognised by 'Sport England'.



First Aid trained and hold SJA professional health & safety certificates.
Enhanced DBS police checked.
NSPCC/CPSU Endorsed Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy-compliant.
Sama Southwest Code of Conduct, Health & Safety Policy and GDPR compliant.

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