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Adults Karate is aimed at teaching self-defence, self-discipline and respect to adults with the addition of improving physical and mental health, strength, reflexes and stamina.

SAMA KARATE is a way of life. The method that we teach is very traditional, we have a strong emphasis on discipline and self-pride. Etiquette in Sama makes up a large part of our training.
Discipline is a word often associated with martial arts, as karate students we are no exception, we pride ourselves on it. As Instructors, we encourage the same sense of pride in our students’ ability to control their movements, emotions and spirit.
The fitness aspect of the practice benefits students with strength, toning, balance, timing, speed, reflexes, coordination, cardiovascular workout and flexibility. In addition, with time karate can help gain self-confidence, a positive attitude to all aspects of life and a sense of achievement.
Sama classes although based around the traditional ethos of karate are friendly and welcoming. We take the individual adult needs, skills, fitness, age and abilities into consideration. That is why here at Sama Southwest we have many students of all ages and abilities training with us regularly.
We don’t expect you to be a black belt in record time but we do know that you’ll enjoy it! The hardest part is walking through the dojo door. A change of life is just a click away.

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All our Instructors have £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, £10,000,000 Instructor Indemnity Insurance and FEKO members insurance.


Member of F.E.K.O. (Federation of English Karate Organisations).
Member of F.I.K.O (Federation of International Karate Organisations).
Member of F.M.A. (Federation of Martial Arts Association).

Registered 'Change for Life' Supporter.
Recognised by 'Sport England'.



First Aid trained and hold SJA professional health & safety certificates.
Enhanced DBS police checked.
NSPCC/CPSU Endorsed Child Safeguarding and Protection Policy-compliant.
Sama Southwest Code of Conduct, Health & Safety Policy and GDPR compliant.

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